Posted by: nidnod | May 11, 2007

Heroes Wannabe

The new season of Heroes is coming right up!!

Well, basically, Heroes is just like any other movies about some ‘freaks’ who have extraordinary power way beyond their common kinsman. Tapi bukan mutant kaya x-men, superman, spiderman or any Marvel Comic’s gitu. Kayanya sih kekuatan yg didapat berusaha dibuat senatural mungkin.
(at least mereka gak tinggal di kota dengan nama aneh kaya Gotham City or Metropolis and they’re not wearing any stupid outfit with various material and color…. yet. God, I hope they wouldn’t)
Tapi seru kok. Soalnya tokoh-tokohnya suka gak ketebak siapa punya kekuatan apa.

Walaupun gw ngikutin Smallvile dan suka banget sm Hugh Jackman in his Wolferine suit, usually, those kind of movies were not really my favorite.

Abis nonton film superheroes apapun, biasanya temen-temen (cowo) gw selalu berujar “….hmmm, I wish I have what thay have…..”.

Man, gw suka mikir,
Jadi superheroes itu bukannya kinda sucks?

Hmmm, gimana yah…. When it happens in real life, it must have been very pathetic to fly around the town, saving people’s sorry ass with your superhuman power and stood your dates up all night long because of it.

Malesnya punya kekuatan super:

  • You could ruined love relationship and causing you lack of social live since you have to keep your secret identity by yourselves,
  • Exhausted in the morning in doing so (yang mo mijetin siapa coba, otot semua gitu! Ntar kalo dikerokin bukannya muncul garis-garis merah malah keluar simbol kryptonite).
  • Being a superheroes could also distracted your concentration so you can’t get your work done and no credit whatsoever for doing the ability. Semua orang pasti butuh apresiasi atas hasil kerjanya. Bo’ong aja kalo enggak.

Yet, what I’ve been through for these past years had proved me wrong. Though I aint got any of such capability except making uncooked waffle, failed love live, bahkan bikin usaha accessories yang cuma menghasilkan satu kalung dalam satu tahun hahaha…

I know a man who always have faith, support, and respect his children no matter what, and a woman who always remind everyone around her (especially her kids) to always remember and pray to God because we’re nothing without God’s blessing (that’s my mum and dad!!)

I’ve met an ordinary woman who turns no ordinary at all when she’s giving her everything, gladly, regretlessly, for the sake of an orderly living of her family and all of her surroundings.

A wonderful guy who looks like he doesn’t give a shit with other people’s business but turns out to be a dedicated, sweet, caring and thoughtful person. Someone who unexpectedly you can trust.

Friends who support others when having troubles, give a guidance when we chose the wrong path, always share some great and positive advices, never say anything bad behind our back.

Mereka semua hebat. They are all my heroes.

They’ve touched my whole aspects of living and I could never be the same again.
And I believe that we have those kinds of people living and breathing around us if we could only widened our eyes to the long-lost perspective.

Bukannya that’s what we are for each other?



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